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Pronunciation guide to the 2017 Academy Awards

Learn to pronounce the names of 2017 Oscar nominees

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, are held once a year in Hollywood to honour members of the film world.

First held in 1929, the 89th edition will be celebrated on February 26, 2017. In recent years much has been made of mispronounciations made by awards presenters at film ceremonies. John Travolta famously introduced the world to Adele Dazeem (Idina Menzel) at the Oscars in 2014. And last year, Dennis Quaid announced that the Golden Globes were recognizing the performance of “Sheesha” Ronan (Saoirse Ronan).

In order to avoid a similar faux pas we've put together a list of names that you are likely to trip up on, plus pronunciations of all the other nominees. Check out Forvo's guide to make sure you're correctly pronouncing the names of the nominees and the films up for awards at this edition.

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Oscars 2017 Difficult names

Find out how to pronounce the names of the 2017 Oscar Awards nominees

  • การออกเสียง : A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Ava DuVernay Ava DuVernay [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Denis Villeneuve Denis Villeneuve [fr]
  • การออกเสียง : Hidden Figures Hidden Figures [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Isabelle Huppert Isabelle Huppert [fr]
  • การออกเสียง : Joel Edgerton Joel Edgerton [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Kenneth Lonergan Kenneth Lonergan [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Maren Ade Maren Ade [de]
  • การออกเสียง : Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Mykelti Williamson Mykelti Williamson [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Pablo Larraín Pablo Larraín [es]
  • การออกเสียง : Toni Erdmann Toni Erdmann [de]
  • การออกเสียง : Viggo Mortensen Viggo Mortensen [en]
  • การออกเสียง : Viola Davis Viola Davis [en]